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Better plans:

                I’ve realized a lot these past few days about myself. Someone saying within me that this time around I should “enjoy” myself.  I should stop planning about the future; I should start to see the present, myself today. I want to live my life even for a single day without caring for other people. Just for this time, I want to experience “freedom”, lifting all the worries unto Him.

                I want to do things carelessly without even thinking the precautionary measures.

                I desire to explore the hidden and known places here in the Philippines

                I dream to finish a “Full Marathon” in my best time possible.

                I crave for sweet foods and eat as if I’m not caring for my diet

                I want to tryout different sports such as Muay thai or MMA

                I am hoping to join Triathlon in the near future.

                I fancy spending my money on things I dream to have

                I vision myself besides the woman i will love for the rest of my life.

                I visualize my future house with my family

                And to continue believing that He exists in my heart.

                All of those I’ve mentioned will be part of the better me next year.

Training 1 on 1

               I want to update my training in boxing. Kuya Toto changed our routine which I easily cope up. He added new combination and thought me a different way of punching the speed ball. He also commended my appearance compared before I’ve lose weight noticeably.

                Will do my best to learn fast and focus in my training 

36th National Milo Marathon (finals)

               Since my first glorious attempt in 21 k category last December 2, 2012. Here I am again, running under the same category, I’ve manage to finished the 36th National Milo Marathon with my personal record of 2 hours 30 minutes at seaside area of Mall Of Asia – Pasay.

                I arrived 30 minutes before the gun start. I’ve stretched my body to warm it up. I’ve noticed the volume of runners, as per the host, there were 2900 plus participant in 21k category alone.

                “The best of the best are here” the host added

                “Ikaw bakit ka tumatakbo?”

                Suddenly I asked myself the same question. I’ve answered “For fitness and in health as well as to fulfill my dream to finish the full marathon hoping next year”.

                All runners were energetic as we had heard the gun shot that marks the start of the much anticipated event of the year.

                I run in my comfortable speed, my goal was to finish the race in my best effort possible.

                Along the trail going up in the flyover I managed to sustain my energy opps there’s another one. Upon the u-turn going back in the two treacherous flyovers I felt muscle cramps, I do not push myself to run, so I walked.

                As I regained my momentum I run at my  utmost speed because I’ve heard a runner besides me said “last 9 minutes before the cut off time for 21k category”.

                I run, run, run and run! I felt the pain still I run! Motivating myself “Kaya mo ‘yan Baron”

                Like Milo’s motto “kaya ‘yan” and I’ve finished my second half marathon. Another experience to add up in my running portfolio.

                So happy! Second medal! I’m on track!

Quezon City International Marathon

                It’s been a while since I’ve posted here in Tumblr. I would like to share my first “half marathon” experience last December 2, 2012 at Quezon City Memorial Circle.

                The event was entitled 4th SMDC Quezon City International Marathon. I run for 21 K category. I’ve been preparing for the said category because I wanted to achieve and finish the full marathon maybe next year. Going back, it’s been a month long training of running (thrice a week), proper diet and sleep as well as reading some guides about running properly.

                I am so excited that I’ve arrived 1hour earlier, so the usual routine before running “Warm Up” to make sure that my body is well prepared.

                Let the run begins: at exactly 4.30am 21 k runners were so energetic to run the trail of the said category was going inside UP Diliman to commonwealth highway and the turning point would be before entering ECO Park premises.

                I must say that running under 21k category was a big challenge. Muscle cramps, tiresome body and pressure on your part if you are aiming for a specific time record.

                At my 17k I felt pain in my legs. Still I managed to run. I told myself “Tiis tiis lang Baron… ilang kilometro na lang yan” , “kaya pa! at kakayanin mo pa!” I motivated myself by those encouraging words and finished the said event with a record of 2 hours 19 minutes and 48 seconds. When an organizer gave me my medal, all the body pain was worthless! Very rewarding.

                My first medal! First experience! I am so happy. 

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